How to set up a Waitlist

You can show a third-party newsletter sign up form on your course page by setting up a waiting list. This is useful if you want to “soft-launch” a course to see whether your audience is interested in the topic.

Video Walkthrough

Add a waiting list

To add a waiting list to your course, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Enable Waiting List checkbox.
  2. Select your Newsletter Provider.
    • We currently support these providers: ConvertKit and EmailOctopus.
    • If you want to add an unsupported provider, please contact us through the Give Feedback button above.
  3. Create an simple inline form with your provider and copy&paste the <script>-code into the Newsletter Script field.
  4. Click Save Details.
  5. Check that the newsletter sign up form is shown correctly on your course page.
    • You can navigate quickly to your course page through the View as: Buyer link on the top-right.

Publish your Course

Once you added and tested the sign-up script, you need to publish your course before interested buyers can sign up for the waiting list. Follow these steps to publish your course:

  1. Fill out all required fields.
    • Required fields are: name, price (you can always change this later), and description.
  2. Upload a cover and a thumbnail for the course.
  3. Create at least one lesson.
    • If you don’t have videos yet, you can create an empty lesson and set it to “coming soon”.
  4. Click the Submit for Review button.
  5. We will review your course within 24h. You will receive an Email once the review was completed.
  6. If we approve your course, you can publish it by clicking the Publish Course button.
  7. Once your course is published, you can share the URL to your course with potential buyers and they can sign up for your waiting list.

Release the Course

Once you are ready to release your course, you can simply disable the Enable Waiting List checkbox and your course page will now show a Buy-button, a Coupon input field, and the reviews. From now on, students can buy your course by clicking on the Buy-button.

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