Sell your video course without a monthly commitment but still get all the tools you need.

$0.00 /month

  • 10% Transaction Fee + Stripe Fee
  • Upload 1080p videos
  • Upload up to 10h of video


Upload high-quality videos and sell as many courses with as many lessons as you like.

$29.00 /month

  • 5% Transaction Fee + Stripe Fee
  • Upload 1440p (2K) videos
  • Unlimited video upload
  • API Access


Sell your video course without fees and in the highest-possible video quality.

$69.00 /month

  • 0% Transaction Fee + Stripe Fee
  • Upload 2160p (4K) videos
  • Unlimited video upload
  • Import previous students
  • API Access

What all plans include

  • Auto-generation of subtitles and transcript in 7 languages
  • Automatically collected and remitted sales tax
  • Video comments and replies
  • Transparent fee breakdown per sale

Transaction Fees

For every sale you make, we calculate a transaction fee unless you have the "Premium" plan. We calculate the fee only over your course price, not over the total of a sale (course price + taxes) like many other platforms do. This distinction seems small, but it has a significant impact on your earnings. Here's an example calculation for the "Basic"-plan for a single sale:

Indie Courses Other Platforms
Course price $100 $100
Taxes (e.g. 21% VAT) $21 $21
Total $121 $121
Transaction fee
(10% * $100)
(10% * $121)
Your Profit
($100 - $10)
($100 - $12.10)
Effective fee
($10 / $100)
($12.10 / $100)

As you can see, the difference seems subtle, but it adds up. If you make 100 sales like the one above, you'll earn $210 more on Indie Courses than on other platforms.

In addition, your profit-per-sale is more predictable on Indie Courses. On other platforms, the taxes of the location of a buyer influence your profit. You will earn less if you sell to high-tax countries (e.g. transaction fee in Norway with 25% VAT is $125 * 10% = $12.5) and earn more if you sell to low-tax countries (e.g. the fee in Hong Kong with 0% VAT will be: $100 * 10% = $10). On Indie Courses, the location of your buyer doesn't matter.

Stripe Fees

Stripe takes an extra fee from every sale to process the payment. Stripe calculates the fee over the total (course price + taxes) amount. The fee depends on the location and payment method of a buyer. It usually varies between 2.9% + 30ct and 4.9% + 30ct (USD). Almost all video course platforms charge this fee, but they usually don't show it on the pricing page. We do. You can learn more about Stripe's fees here.

Full Cost Overview

Here's a complete calculation of the costs for a single sale on Indie Courses. We assume that the creator is on the "Basic" plan and the buyer is from Vermont, US, where a sales tax of 6% and Stripe fee of 2.9% + 30ct apply.

Course price $100
Taxes (6%) $6
Total $106
Transaction fee
(10% * $100)
Stripe fee
($106 * 2.9% + 30ct)
Your Profit
($100 - $10 - $3.37)
Total Costs
($10 + $3.37)

In this example, the buyer would pay $106 and you would receive $86.63. Indie Courses would take $10 and Stripe takes $3.37.