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Make more money
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Creating a video course is hard, but selling it is even harder—until now. Indie Courses helps you sell your course quickly and gives you the tools and knowledge to make more sales than you would elsewhere. No marketing degree needed.

Don't know where to sell your course?

You don't want to build your own website but rather upload it somewhere. You hope your course will sell, but you're not sure, so you rather not have a monthly fee. You don't want special features like quizzes, certificates, or a community. You just want to sell your course.

Don't know how to promote it either?

You are motivated to try some marketing but don't know where to start. You've seen some marketing metrics before but don't know how to interpret them. You don't want to waste your time, but you certainly want to earn what your course is worth.

Then you came to the right place!

Indie Courses is designed for indie creators like yourself. We make selling a video course easy in three ways:

First, we help you sell your video course in minutes, not hours. No lengthy setup process, no review obstacles, and no waiting time. Just upload your videos and start selling.

Second, we teach you how to sell your course successfully. Our in-depth video tutorials and articles will fast-track your learning curve.

Third, we give you practical tools to guide your marketing efforts. No more shooting into the dark. Learn through actionable insights what works for you and make more money.

You bring the material. We bring the tools.

Our video course platform provides all the tools you need to market and distribute your video course with ease.

Auto-generated Subtitles
Released Jan 2024
Good video content becomes great with accurate subtitles. That's why we auto-generate subtitles and searchable transcriptions with human-level accuracy using the latest AI models. We support English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch.
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Web Traffic Analytics
Released Jan 2024
Once you start advertising your video course, you'll want to know where you can best focus your marketing efforts. You'll want to know where your students found it, how likely they are to buy it depending on their origin, and if your marketing is actually working. We give you advanced web traffic analytics that help you answer to all these questions.
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Transparent Pricing
Released Jan 2024
We hate hidden fees. You should get what you paid for and only pay what you chose for. No hidden fees. Unlike on other platforms, you'll know exactly how we calculate our fees. Learn more about our pricing.
An image of a happy meerkat holding a book with the pages facing the viewer, set against a cozy library backdrop.
Flexible Course Pricing
Coming in Q1 2024
Customers like options. We let you package your video course however you want. You can bundle videos from one or multiple courses or sell them individually. You can offer team plans! We don't stop you from making the exact right offer to your customers.
An image of a happy meerkat playing with a collection of house price signs on a hill.
Viewer Insights
Coming in Q2 2024
After a student buys your video course, how do you know they actually watched it? Did they watch all videos or just some? How far did they watch them? Where did they drop off? We provide answers to all these questions and more!
An image of a happy meerkat studying a blackboard filled with graphs and math formulas..
Video Gists
Coming in Q2 2024
Creating whole video courses takes a lot of time, but creating individual videos does not. With Indie Courses, you can easily upload and sell individual videos too. This format is great for topics that are too small to be a course, but still interesting enough to talk about. For example: 'How do I set up library A?', 'How do I use product B?', 'What does the term C mean?'
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