What’s New

New updates and improvements to Indie Courses.

2024-06-22 - Coupons and Waitlists

  • Feature: Offically announced the Coupons feature. You can now create percentage and amount coupons and share them with your audience.

  • Feature: Offically announced the Waitlist feature. You can now embed ConvertKit and EmailOctopus newsletter signups in your video course page.

2024-06-17 - UX Improvements

  • Feature: Allow course submission without lessons if a newsletter sign-up is set
  • Fix: Calculate the transaction fee over the discounted course price if a coupon is applied
  • UX: Show a descriptive error message when a coupon is applied but it’s inactive, expired, or used up
  • UX: Allow collapsing of modules in the course edit view
  • UX: Allow adding of a lesson at any position in the course edit view
  • UX: Expose the promo, free preview, and coming soon flags in the course edit view for quick access
  • Other: Add this changelog

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