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Mastering PHPStorm

by Christoph Rumpel

A video course for the state-of-the-art PHP developer who wants to work efficiently and successfully in a beautiful IDE.

Let's be honest. By default, PhpStorm looks pretty ugly. They have a lot to offer and want to show that. I get that. But you deserve better.

What tools are really helpful?
Database, Git, Testing, Todos... You name it. PhpStorm supports it all. But does this mean you have to learn them all too? What are the features that really make an impact on your development workflow?

How to work fast in a slow IDE?
We know PhpStorm is not famous for being the fastest editor. That's ok because it shines somewhere else. It knows your code. Still, we need to work efficiently; is that too much to ask for? It's not. Handling such a powerful IDE is hard, but with the right tips and shortcuts, you can do this!

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