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Develop and Deploy Laravel Applications with Docker

by Andrew Schmelyun

Docker, and more broadly containerization as a whole, is growing in popularity, not just for production environments but also for local development. Laravel is the leading modern PHP framework used by millions of developers around the globe. Together, they help develop and deploy web applications that are fast, scalable, and OS independent.

Working with a LAMP stack or other web server software installed on your local machine can be a nightmare when it comes time to upgrade. If you have multiple apps that require different versions of something like PHP it's even worse. Using Docker to build your local dev environment removes the headache of maintaining and installing dependencies for web server software across your machines.

That's okay, there's a lot of options! In this course, we'll explore a few different methods to deploy your Dockerized Laravel application onto a production server. Including how to setup and use an automated testing and CI/CD service like CircleCI.

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