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by Algo Expert Team

If you want to ace the coding interviews, being well-versed in all common data structures and popular problem-solving methods is paramount. With 200 questions spanning 15 categories and 4 difficulty levels, we've got you covered.

Our Videos Set Us Apart.

The truth is that interview questions and algorithms are difficult. Even more difficult is trying to understand the inner workings of a complex algorithm from a book or from a poorly thought-out video shot on your grandma's camera. Our crisp 1080p videos boast crystal-clear audio and are strategically divided into two parts to give you the most comprehensive explanations to questions. That's over 100 hours of content specifically tailored to make interview questions and algorithms easy.

Data Structures Crash Course.

Algorithms and data structures go hand in hand; the solution to virtually any coding interview problem will require the implementation of some kind of abstract data type in order to access and manipulate information.

Our video series on data structures is the ultimate crash course on this important topic. We cover fundamental concepts pertaining to memory, complexity analysis, and Big O notation, and then break down popular data structures to give you a detailed look at how these concepts are applied under the hood. Linked Lists and Binary Trees will never instill fear in your heart again.

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