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Data Oriented Ruby on Rails

In this course you will learn how to write data-oriented code using Ruby on Rails extended with a selection of dry-rb gems. If you're curious to understand how to blend functional style of programming with Ruby's object orientation in order to decrease complexity of your code - this course is for you.


10 Modules - 21 Lessons - 00m 00s total length
What this course covers
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How to work with this course
Data Oriented Architecture
Objects that don't change
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Data processing and Pattern Matching
Isolating side-effects
Application Commands
Type Safety and Data Contracts
Side-effects and Commands
Application Queries
From Active Record to Query
Params and Queries
Simpler Controllers
Commands instead of callbacks
Data-passing helpers
Complex Business Logic
Adding a product to a cart
Moving business logic to a command
Reducing Mutability
Less Active Record instances
Separating controller concerns
More Side-Effect Isolation
Using Commands for Background Jobs
Sending emails using a command
Data Processing
Dealing with Passwords
Handling Authentication
What we've learned
What to do next?

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